Restoration Project

“I love shopping at my closet” – I saw this at a friend’s FB status and I can’t agree more! When I was clearing my closet last week, I found this vintage bag from il bisonte, a popular design in the 70s. It was however in a horrible state of neglect, crying out for help.

Here is what I did….

  1. Wipe the leather surface with a dry clean cloth. Get rid of any dirt or mold on the surface
  2. Clean the oxidized buckles and buttons with a bit of WD40
  3. Straighten out all the straps with paperweight
  4. Apply a thin layer of dubbin with a dry cloth, evenly and in circular motion
  5. Put an old T-shirt in the bag to restore the shape

Voila! 20 mins of work (faster than what it took me to write-up this restoration report!) and it is looking pretty darn good. The leather feels a bit stiff but I know once I carry it around, it will soften in no time.

No bad for a slow morning. ^^


Farewell 2013

What happened? I blinked and it is already the last day of 2013! Before making new plans and new resolution, perhaps I should take a moment and think of what the year 2013 really means to me.

20130224-marathonThe biggest accomplishment was finishing a full marathon back in Feb. Which was followed closely by a week of bucket-list worthy trekking tour in Nepal. And to my absolute amazement, I have drawn from both experiences and am now avidly training for my next goal, a 50km race! Am I addicted to the pain and frustration of everlasting training? Absolutely not! But the hard-earned sense of accomplishment is really rewarding when I finished a course (that is until next round of training resumes!)

The biggest surprise was when my best friend decided to relocate her family half way across the globe. And she did, in record-breaking time! The fastest relocation I have ever witnessed. Given today’s technology, whatsapp, internet, social network etc… we don’t feel the kind of loss or separation as we did couple decades ago. But the physical distance is not to be ignored. The spur of the moment breakfast rendezvous is not possible and the chance run-in on the street is not happening anymore. We will have to make an effort to meet again and maybe, perhaps then we will treasure our gathering even more.

ImageThe best holiday was a luxurious diving trip to Sipadan, Malaysia. Sipadan and the neighbouring islands offer a diverse marine life and landscape. Whether revisiting dives sites or exploring new territories, I was not to be disappointed. My diving buddy told me he has been going back year after year for 20 years. Now that’s a tradition that I am very tempted to follow.

What changed in 2013? I can perhaps run a few km more than before, and I have learnt to cook a few dishes, I have made some new friends and I have missed a few.

Have I any regret? Hmmm… The biggest regret was perhaps throwing out my red hot valentino killer heels, thinking that I would go green, wear sneakers and flats, commute by public transport.  Some are not meant to be.

As Scarlett Butler so eloquently said, “Tomorrow is another day” It’s time to put all the things behind and start another day, another year!

Wish you a fab year ahead. I know I am going to have one! ^^

Merry Christmas




Washed and Tumbled


Washed and Tumbled

Army Jacket by Mode & Pelle


The Art of Dressing down


Trend Alert! Leather Sleeve Jacket

If you think dressing up is hard, well, think again. Dressing down is even more challenging. It is what we called effortless chic. Can you put together an emsemble that looks like pieces of random clothing but they all blends in so well and give you a personality rather than a big dollar sign?

Do you remember Vivian Ward in Pretty Women? How she wowed everyone with her amazing transformation from a tramp to a dame with an amazing looking Gucci dress? As much as I love the movie, I blame it for the incredible urge for women rushing to brand name stores buying everything they can (or sometimes cannot) afford. Dress from head to toe in brand name and it cannot fail!

On the contrary, dressing down is not about money, it is about personal taste and style. It’s about wearing torn jeans with dinner jacket and bikers with your evening gown. Mix and match and have fun! That’s where the leather sleeve jacket comes in. When a biker jacket seems too edgy for work, soften it up with a fabric body and keep the leather trimmings. Take the seriousness out of your wardrobe and give it a little twist! It will make your working day more fun and your run to supermarket an event!

Featuring our leather sleeve biker.


Go Shorty!


If your modest self is still resisting this trend, get over it. Show a bit of leg, show a bit of flesh. Leather Shorts are here to stay. And let’s face it. It is comfy, it is edgy and it is darn cheeky.  Just the perfect balance for us whether grabbing a coffee mid day or club hopping on the weekend.  



The Hundred Dresses

Shift Dress by Mode & Pelle

Not long, long time ago, before the world was drawn to H&M or Topshop or Zara, little girls and little women learned to make their own dresses with simple paper pattern, vibrant fabric and a lot of imagination.

thehundreddressesOh sure, movie stars and fashion magazines set the trend and ordinary people followed. Who would not want to be a Hitchcock’s heroine with the perfect the hair and the perfect outfit even when she was in dire strait and running for her life.

But a girl with any pride would try to establish her own style. She learned which colours best suited her facial tone, which pattern complimented her figure and what kind of trimmings gave the perfect finishing touches. Ms Erin McKean shares her view on the most iconic silhouettes in her new book The Hundred Dresses.


In the Children’s classic, The Hundred Dresses, little Wanda got into trouble with her classmates because nobody believed she had 100 dresses in her closet. Today, we could buy a hundred dresses from the stores, some are hits,  some are misses, most are lost in the closet.

Are we better off than Wanda who has imagination or the little women with their trusted sewing machines?

In any case, I am intrigued by both books with the same title. I think they will offer a great read when I am on vacation next week. ^^