What’s your MODE?

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your holidays? Hope you are recovering from the overloaded festivities (or lack thereof)!

Yes, it is the time of the year to made new resolutions! Have you made a list? and are they very well forgotten already after 2 weeks? Well, it’s ok, don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. Making a change in life is a long hard struggle. It is not meant to happen overnight. Every little move is probably insignificant but some where down the road, when you look back, you will see the progress you made.

To keep us on the right track though, we have to know our mode. What’s your mode?Mode is a way of living. Mode is how you express yourself. You can have many modes, work mode, play mode, family mode, running mode, bumming mode.

Search for it, get to know it, stick to it. And then you are ready for the future.

Wishing you good health, good spirit and good fortune in the coming year!

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Sonya Cross’ Leather Jacket in the Bridge

Sonya Cross' leather jacket

Distress Vintage Biker Jacket

Rarely has a single jacket generated so much interest in television. Not because it compliment the figure of the leading lady or make the character stand out from a crowd or revealing a new trend in fashion. No, no, no. it is much more than what catches the eyes. The jacket has become a legitimate character in the cast and it has its own story to tell.

The distressed cowhide, the vintage biker style, the animal print trimmings and hidden studs all integrated seamlessly together. It embodies the toughness, hardship, basic instinct and mystery of the leading lady.

page3Bravo to the costume designer for picking out the coolest jacket in TV this season.

Do you have a jacket that shows your story? I wouldn’t go so far as to have my jacket run over by a car to make it distressed and interesting.

Simply treasure every crease, stain and mark. That’s what makes your jacket awesome and irreplaceable! ^^

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Mode & Pelle Boat Tote

Not all travel must be epic, adventurous and exciting. Sometime we can find breathtaking beauty on a spontaneous road trip.

One of my favourite weekend perk up is to take my car out, explore unfamiliar country lanes and find a magic spot for a picnic. Bring a flask of freshly brewed coffee, a loaf of rye bread, some ham, some cheese and some grapes. Simply divine!

Oh, don’t forget to fill the gas! Getting lost in countryside is also part of the fun!

Happy Weekend!

Featuring our canvas boat tote.

Leather Coat Scam Returns!

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funny news today… http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Leather+coat+scam+returns+North+Vancouver/6625035/story.html

Speaking of outrageous offers…. some time ago, back when St Petersburg was still Leningrad, somebody came in my shop and offer to barter with me a full container of leather jackets for a full container of beluga!

“huh? What am i supposed to do with so much fish roe?”
“Sell them!”
“But i have a leather shop, not a Deli!”
“You can make a fortune! They are the black gold, you idiot!”

He decided that I was too dumb to realise what a bargain it was and left in a huff.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t into caviar and champagne back then. It took me a trip to Russia to understand what a great opportunity i was offered. If anyone wants to make me a offer now, I wouldn’t be so hasty to turn down.

How about half a container of leather jackets for a full container of surgeon caviar? ^^

Follow the Cobblestone Road

An impromptu visit to Macau turned out to be a total pleasant surprise.

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A stroll along old town is a journey back in time. From little alleys to busy streets, from hidden rotundas to public squares; from incense-infused temple to candle-lit cathedral, i followed the cobblestones road and let it lead me from one marvel to the next.
But don’t just look at the building, look around for simple pleasures too! My nose tells me where to eat and my tired feet will take me to a seat under an orchid tree. Smell the flower and hear the birds.
Casino? what casino? oh, that’s for the occasional adrenaline rush.
I opt for a simple life and a simple walk. It is quite enough!
For more information about Macau Heritage Walk, please check out their official site ….  http://www.wh.mo/wh/indexE.asp

Zat Valley, Morocco

Zat Valley.Lala Modpel.2010

  When I thought of Morocco, I thought of tangine, belly dance and leather goods. Instead, I joined a hiking tour guided by “Friends of the Berbers”. 5 days of hard core off road trekking in and around Zat valley, at the foot of the high atlas.

There is strict guidelines such as not to give out anything to the local children, not even a well used pencil. They called it responsible tourism. The idea is to leave as little impact on the locals as possible. Gifts will only encourage the kids to beg rather than to work.

It was a most humbling experience.  What i have taken granted for life, they could not even dream of. TV, spa, chocolate? What is that? They live, they work, they laugh, they fight. The community is no different from ours but it certainly felt like a parallel universe. The moment i left the valley and returned to Marrakesh it was hard to tell which was the real world.

But it took me one hot shower and I knew exactly where i belong.

Something Olde, Something Blue

Meizhou.Lala Modpel.2012

This funny old rhyme got into my head when I went passed a thousand year ancient port last weekend. It is a charming little town with well structured layout. You could almost hear the hustling noise and visualized the bustling activities in the good old days. Almost, but not quite. Most people are gone and the town is deserted since the early years of the last century.

Evolution and transformation is an endless process. If you fail to follow the flow, you could be forgotten. If you just follow the flow, you could lose your identity. Is it a shame to turn a port into a tourist attraction? Perhaps, perhaps not. But at least it is a step forward. Give the town an option and give it another chance. Good luck, old port!