Everlasting Mode

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What’s your MODE?

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your holidays? Hope you are recovering from the overloaded festivities (or lack thereof)!

Yes, it is the time of the year to made new resolutions! Have you made a list? and are they very well forgotten already after 2 weeks? Well, it’s ok, don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. Making a change in life is a long hard struggle. It is not meant to happen overnight. Every little move is probably insignificant but some where down the road, when you look back, you will see the progress you made.

To keep us on the right track though, we have to know our mode. What’s your mode?Mode is a way of living. Mode is how you express yourself. You can have many modes, work mode, play mode, family mode, running mode, bumming mode.

Search for it, get to know it, stick to it. And then you are ready for the future.

Wishing you good health, good spirit and good fortune in the coming year!

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Happy Awakening


Did you hear birds chirping this morning? I did.

Today is the Awakening Day. We are now 30 days into spring season and that marks the official start of Spring!

According to grandma, today is the day all the hibernating creatures will rouse from their winter sleep. The weather is getting warmer and food is becoming abundant. The field is soft enough for planting and the hardworking farmers will sow the seeds and start working in the field again.

Spring is not only spring. There is the first day of spring, the start of the spring and the official spring day! I love how the farmer’s almanac is guiding us step by step. No rush, simple logic.

Go now, get out of your comfort zone and plan something exciting! Sow your seeds and see what you will get.