Look up at the stars

In the summer between my 2nd and 3rd year in college,  I decided to sign up for an introduction to astronomy, designated for non-science based students. To me, astronomy is sci-fiction – movies, tv, novels. I day dreamed about the galaxy far, far away.

At the very first lecture, I sat alone in the middle of a big class pretending that I wasn’t intimidated by the foreign terms and long words. The professor invited us into his world of planets, galaxy, and black hole.  He frantically pushed his hands thru his fussy hair when he looked for simple words to explain the concepts. His small eyes were shining when he showed us how to find the northern star and his hands were waving wildly to illustrate the big bang theory. For 2 hours I sat there mesmerized by his enthusiasm, feeling lost with a sinking heart, knowing that I was totally out of my league.

After class, I stood quietly at the bus-stop with a few fellow students. My mind was racing. “I am going to fail this course. My GPA will go down and my life is over.”  Somebody gasped and pointed a finger up above. I looked up blinking back my tears of dismay and saw the dark velvety blue sky covered with shinny stars. The big dipper and the Polaris stood out in front just like the picture we saw in class. The stars were brilliant. They were daunting me and daring me to feel sorry for my receding GPA. Who am I in this endless universe. What am I but a frog at the bottom of a well. Suddenly my head cleared, my heart soared. What a beautiful world and I am lucky to be part of it.

To this day, I could always find peace and courage when I look up at the starry night sky.  I am tiny and insignificant but I am part of this beautiful universe. There is no edge to the universe and I vow never set any limit to myself.

  • “look up at the stars and not down at your feet” In memory of Dr. S.H., the household name that bridge the gap between us, the universe and infinite possibilities.STARRYNIGHT


What’s your MODE?

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your holidays? Hope you are recovering from the overloaded festivities (or lack thereof)!

Yes, it is the time of the year to made new resolutions! Have you made a list? and are they very well forgotten already after 2 weeks? Well, it’s ok, don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. Making a change in life is a long hard struggle. It is not meant to happen overnight. Every little move is probably insignificant but some where down the road, when you look back, you will see the progress you made.

To keep us on the right track though, we have to know our mode. What’s your mode?Mode is a way of living. Mode is how you express yourself. You can have many modes, work mode, play mode, family mode, running mode, bumming mode.

Search for it, get to know it, stick to it. And then you are ready for the future.

Wishing you good health, good spirit and good fortune in the coming year!

#whatsyourmode #modesearching #knowyourmode

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The Hundred Dresses

Shift Dress by Mode & Pelle

Not long, long time ago, before the world was drawn to H&M or Topshop or Zara, little girls and little women learned to make their own dresses with simple paper pattern, vibrant fabric and a lot of imagination.

thehundreddressesOh sure, movie stars and fashion magazines set the trend and ordinary people followed. Who would not want to be a Hitchcock’s heroine with the perfect the hair and the perfect outfit even when she was in dire strait and running for her life.

But a girl with any pride would try to establish her own style. She learned which colours best suited her facial tone, which pattern complimented her figure and what kind of trimmings gave the perfect finishing touches. Ms Erin McKean shares her view on the most iconic silhouettes in her new book The Hundred Dresses.


In the Children’s classic, The Hundred Dresses, little Wanda got into trouble with her classmates because nobody believed she had 100 dresses in her closet. Today, we could buy a hundred dresses from the stores, some are hits,  some are misses, most are lost in the closet.

Are we better off than Wanda who has imagination or the little women with their trusted sewing machines?

In any case, I am intrigued by both books with the same title. I think they will offer a great read when I am on vacation next week. ^^

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks

Belle Tote.Lala Modpel.2012

 Some blocks are good, some are not.

Take for example, a blogger’s block. Am I being witty, for even slightly amusing? Or am I just babbling into thin air or worse, making a fool of myself? Move on and fight through. Bits and pieces will fall into place eventually.

Urban blocks – I grew up in a 2km urban block. Everything I needed, I could find in my neighborhood. I was oblivious to the world beyond. That was until I learnt to read a map. I want to climb the steep slope, I want to explore the sea caves and I want to be lost in a country where nobody speaks my language. I know I can be adventurous because there is always an urban block waiting for me where I call home.

Color Blocks – Why do we always need to find an order in everything? This is a square, and this is a rectangle; this is black and this is white. When there is something new, we have got to give it a meaning. Well, I think we fear what we don’t understand. Deep inside, we want to be accepted and understood.