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Mode & Pelle Boat Tote

Not all travel must be epic, adventurous and exciting. Sometime we can find breathtaking beauty on a spontaneous road trip.

One of my favourite weekend perk up is to take my car out, explore unfamiliar country lanes and find a magic spot for a picnic. Bring a flask of freshly brewed coffee, a loaf of rye bread, some ham, some cheese and some grapes. Simply divine!

Oh, don’t forget to fill the gas! Getting lost in countryside is also part of the fun!

Happy Weekend!

Featuring our canvas boat tote.


Modpel Look #1

modpel Look #1

modpel Look #1

Featuring Mode & Pelle Hobo Bag in steele color and our little satchel in light grey. 

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks

Belle Tote.Lala Modpel.2012

 Some blocks are good, some are not.

Take for example, a blogger’s block. Am I being witty, for even slightly amusing? Or am I just babbling into thin air or worse, making a fool of myself? Move on and fight through. Bits and pieces will fall into place eventually.

Urban blocks – I grew up in a 2km urban block. Everything I needed, I could find in my neighborhood. I was oblivious to the world beyond. That was until I learnt to read a map. I want to climb the steep slope, I want to explore the sea caves and I want to be lost in a country where nobody speaks my language. I know I can be adventurous because there is always an urban block waiting for me where I call home.

Color Blocks – Why do we always need to find an order in everything? This is a square, and this is a rectangle; this is black and this is white. When there is something new, we have got to give it a meaning. Well, I think we fear what we don’t understand. Deep inside, we want to be accepted and understood.


Mode & Pelle

Everything we make are things that we would love to own!

Our choice of weapons:

Leather  is the first material used by mankind. It wears and it tears and yet it ages with unparallel glory.

Canvas is the fabric choice for sailors, explorers and adventurous travellers. It is the drawing board for creative minds.

Denim is loved by all generation. It brings the ruff and tuff from the wild wild west to our metropolitan centrevilles.