What is your size?

Honestly, there is no universal standard size. S/ M/ L? 2/4/6? 36/38/40? These are all gibberish to consumer. Does my 30″ inch pants has a 30″ waist? Most probably not. The size is referring to a long long list of measurement that is only known to the maker.

If i buy from the same brand, i can buy the same size? Yes and no. Brand usually do try to maintain a consistent measurement with a consistent customer profile in mind. However, every cutting is different from design to design. The designer has a vision how the jacket is to be stylized. Maybe it is supposed to be very tight, maybe it is supposed to be very loose. Look for the description by the brand and note how the jacket is supposed to fit.

How do i choose my jacket online?

Step One -Size recommended by the brand Take my own body measurement, Height/ Weight/ Bust/ Waist/ Hip. Check the brand’s body measurement chart and determine my size according to this brand.

Body Measurement Guide

Step Two – Compare the measurement with my own jacket. Usually, the brand will give a several reference points per style per size, such as back length/ chest/ hip/ shoulder/ sleeve length. Choose a jacket from my own wardrobe and take the measurement of the same reference points and compare. Is the jacket longer than my mine? Is the jacket tigher over the bust than mine? This will give me a quantifiable idea how the jacket will fit.

How to measure a jacket

Step Three – Think how i am going to wear the jacket If I am going to wear it loose, go up a size. If i am going to wear it tight, go down a size. Remember, there is absolutely no right or wrong in fashion style. I wear clothes that make me feel good!

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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