Check your ego at the door


I came upon this saying again and again in my research on yoga.

Recently, I found myself coming back in full circle and rediscovering yoga again. There are many new and posh studios around town. I found myself rather self-conscious among many advanced yogies demonstrating unbelievable flexibility and picture perfect body shape. I hoped my tattering running outfits will hold and the seam won’t burst at the first warrior pose.

Oh my, I knew yoga has evolved but it was still quite an awakening to feel the pressure first hand.  It’s about looking good. – outfits, poses, postures, composure. It’s about achieving your goals. – Headstand, handstand, Crow, flying pigeon? I was lost for a moment. Am I good enough for this?

Last night, after an hour of impossible twisting, holding, sweating and almost unbearable tension, I collapsed into the savasana pose. I took a few deep breathe and suddenly all that tension and doubts were leaving my body and I felt incredibly relieved and humbled.

That is what I missed. That is why I am practicing yoga again. Embrace it, push it and learn its limit.

Check the ego at the door because there is no end to the learning of yoga


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