Restoration Project

“I love shopping at my closet” – I saw this at a friend’s FB status and I can’t agree more! When I was clearing my closet last week, I found this vintage bag from il bisonte, a popular design in the 70s. It was however in a horrible state of neglect, crying out for help.

Here is what I did….

  1. Wipe the leather surface with a dry clean cloth. Get rid of any dirt or mold on the surface
  2. Clean the oxidized buckles and buttons with a bit of WD40
  3. Straighten out all the straps with paperweight
  4. Apply a thin layer of dubbin with a dry cloth, evenly and in circular motion
  5. Put an old T-shirt in the bag to restore the shape

Voila! 20 mins of work (faster than what it took me to write-up this restoration report!) and it is looking pretty darn good. The leather feels a bit stiff but I know once I carry it around, it will soften in no time.

No bad for a slow morning. ^^


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