What’s in my bag? (Aug 2013 update)


  1. Wallet – I can never get a big enough one that will carry all my VIP cards!
  2. Keys – Note my “39 not 40” keychain holder and keys.
  3. Compact powder– for that cursed shinny nose
  4. Lip Palm – soft and sexy lips are much more important than any artificial coloring!
  5. Sunglasses – For hiding dark circles, mascara smudges, for fixing bad hair day, oh and of cause just in case the sun does come out
  6. ResQ – I can live without my perfume but I cannot live without my Burt’s Bee’s ResQ! Effective ointment for minor burns, cuts and insect bites (not sure about hickeys though :P)
  7. A novel – a girl needs a fantasy. Kindle and iPad just don’t do the same to me.
  8. Thermo – what’s your favorite drink? Mine is hot ginger honey jujube.
  9. Phone – can one live without a mobile phone?
  10. Scarf – if you are feeling pain in your neck and shoulder, chances are your muscle is catching cold. Keep your neck warm when the air-con is in full blast!

Featuring our Tote #68 ^^


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