Green is my choice


When I was growing up, we had a roof top garden at home. We have sweet smelling Aglaia odorata, bright red roses, pots and pots of funny looking cactus and many more.

I learnt very early on not to mess with the plants. The beautiful flowers are protected by thorns; be extra careful and not to sit on the cactus’ spines; some of the flowers bloom only at night and not to be seen by sleepy head; earth worms will come out to the surface after heavy rain. The garden changes from day to night, from day to day, from season to season. If you pay attention, there is also a new discovery.

My family had tried raising birds, turtles, chickens, cats, dogs and fish but pets will eventually die. Some last longer than others, of cause, but it is still heart breaking every time. A plant, on the contrary, seems to last forever. Spring flowers, summer green, fall colors, winter rest. The cycle continues.

Spring is here. Let’s take a stroll and breathe in the fresh smell of greenery. Let the cycle begins again.


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