Earned Your Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket by Mode & Pelle

In the States, they called it a Varsity Jacket; in Japan they called it an Award Jacket. The idea is that one must earned the jacket for the participation in a certain activity. It is the symbol of involvement, achievement and tribute to a common interest.

When I was little, i couldn’t wait to get out of my school uniform and to grow up. But now that I working my way through challenges in life, I longed for a simple life and a simple mind.

My weekends are my sanctuary. The moment I put aside my work clothes and slip on my old college jacket, my guard is down, my worries are gone and my mind is relaxed. I am again reminded of the age full of hope and possibilities.

I shall dedicate my varsity jacket to the enjoyment of my weekend. 2 days of mental bliss and I am recharged for the week ahead.


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