My favourites. Lala Modpel. 2012

 Some people say they can learn a lot by checking out your CD collection. Well, I had none. But books, I have a lot. No, no, don’t get me wrong, they are not rare books. There are a number of classics, a few series and some of them are not even a good read. They are books that I acquired over the years, during my travel and given to me by friends. There are ones that I had read many times; there are ones that I still haven’t finished.

First time in many years, I decided to “detoxify” my bookcases. My autographed Stephen Fry of course is staying firmly on the top shelf. But I cannot bear to part with my few PG Wodehouse. And what about Harry Porter? I cried my eyes out reading “Kitchen” while I was rushing to see the last of my grandma. How about the crime novels and chick lits that got me through all the red-eyed flights? I know which one is which because the boarding passes are still wedged between pages. I had a history with each and every single one of them. It was a bit more than I could handle.
Bye bye, books. I am setting you free. If I haven’t finished knowing you in 5 years, I doubt I would ever finish. Hope your next reader will appreciate you more.

Now that most of them are gone, I feel an incredible sense of lightness. And yes, I am ready to open a new book again. But I will get one from the public library this time. ^^


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