Zat Valley, Morocco

Zat Valley.Lala Modpel.2010

  When I thought of Morocco, I thought of tangine, belly dance and leather goods. Instead, I joined a hiking tour guided by “Friends of the Berbers”. 5 days of hard core off road trekking in and around Zat valley, at the foot of the high atlas.

There is strict guidelines such as not to give out anything to the local children, not even a well used pencil. They called it responsible tourism. The idea is to leave as little impact on the locals as possible. Gifts will only encourage the kids to beg rather than to work.

It was a most humbling experience.  What i have taken granted for life, they could not even dream of. TV, spa, chocolate? What is that? They live, they work, they laugh, they fight. The community is no different from ours but it certainly felt like a parallel universe. The moment i left the valley and returned to Marrakesh it was hard to tell which was the real world.

But it took me one hot shower and I knew exactly where i belong.


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