Blocks, Blocks, Blocks

Belle Tote.Lala Modpel.2012

 Some blocks are good, some are not.

Take for example, a blogger’s block. Am I being witty, for even slightly amusing? Or am I just babbling into thin air or worse, making a fool of myself? Move on and fight through. Bits and pieces will fall into place eventually.

Urban blocks – I grew up in a 2km urban block. Everything I needed, I could find in my neighborhood. I was oblivious to the world beyond. That was until I learnt to read a map. I want to climb the steep slope, I want to explore the sea caves and I want to be lost in a country where nobody speaks my language. I know I can be adventurous because there is always an urban block waiting for me where I call home.

Color Blocks – Why do we always need to find an order in everything? This is a square, and this is a rectangle; this is black and this is white. When there is something new, we have got to give it a meaning. Well, I think we fear what we don’t understand. Deep inside, we want to be accepted and understood.


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